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Today consumers, investors and clients develop the strongest relationships with firms that create value for them. I use language in a way that can create value for the people whose allegiance you want to win.

Used effectively, language can bring emotions to life, engage intelligence, stimulate aspirations, define problems, draw attention to risks, interpret uncertainties, suggest solutions and inspire action.

When a writer uses language effectively, he gives people

a clearer, more relevant, more useful understanding of how the world works and how to be effective in it.

The reader or listener gains power. He or she gains value.

To create value, a writer has to satisfy a lot of requirements simultaneously:

  • Empathize with your audience’s predicament.
  • Bring their predicament to mind accurately and believably.
  • Use words your audience understands.
  • Build on concepts your audience can grasp.
  • Tap into your audience’s goals and values.
  • Engage emotions that are conducive to the relationship or transaction you seek.
  • Win the trust of your audience; or, at least, win their willingness to engage.
  • Find a path through complexity that neither loses the people in your audience nor bores them.
  • Offer solutions your audience will find credible and of value.
  • Bring to mind your audience’s decision criteria for the proposed solution. Satisfy those decision criteria.
  • Induce your audience to take the action required to resolve their predicament.

How does a writer meet these requirements?

  • Think imaginatively.
  • Write boldly.
  • Care about the people in the target audience.
  • Do the work necessary to grasp the audience's predicament, understand their opportunity and empathize with their values, emotions, decision criteria and likely thought processes.
  • Bring to bear insight, imagination and a broad knowledge of how the world works.
  • Write lightly
  • Knit together complex cause‑and‑effect relationships.

I empathize with your listeners and readers. I seek to understand their predicaments, emotions, aspirations, opportunities, knowledge and decision criteria.

When I write white papers, I keep readers’ goals, knowledge level and concerns in mind. I provide readers with information and action steps that will allow them to achieve their goals.

I write with clarity and in a style that is easy to understand even for people whose first language is not English.

To write effectively about investment strategies, a writer must keep in mind that finance is a universe in which math and psychology collide. For your investment strategy, I can turn that collision— that potential train wreck and source of confusion— into an opportunity to build understanding and confidence— confidence in you.

If you want to create value for your clients, customers or investors, let me write for you.

Let me put in your hands powerful means with which to achieve your leadership goals.

My writing will strengthen your relationships with your clients. They will look to you as their source of knowledge and insight.

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