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transactions happen

I can create for you a pitch book or presentation that integrates words, images, graphics and numbers in a way that captures your target audience’s attention, leads them through their concerns, satisfies their decision criteria and propels them down the action path of the transaction you propose.

If your clients and prospects are successful and busy people, they value their time. The better use you make of their time, the more they will want to do business with you.

My writing and design work make extremely productive use of your audience members’ time and attention.

The presentation will quickly

bring the transaction or course of action you propose fully and comprehensively to mind.

The presentation's flow will anticipate audience members' thought processes and embrace them.

Crisp language will create an aura of action.

Rich photographs will bring emotions into play and use them to your advantage.

The story line will persuade your audience that what you propose will be good for their careers.

Animated graphics will communicate quickly and clearly how process flows, conceptual flows and transaction flows work.

Original, relevant humor will 

make your presentation enjoyable for your audience and for you.

The more your audience enjoys your presentation, the more positively they will respond to your message. The more highly they will regard you.

If you want to deliver a powerful presentation that you and your audience will enjoy, let me create it for you.

My writing makes transactions happen!

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Jerry Marlow, MBA— Pitch books and presentations
that make transactions happen

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