Recommend my writing and design services to someone you know; earn $100's or $1,000's in referral fees

As you explore this website, you may realize you know people who would benefit from my ability to write powerful speeches; you know people who would benefit from my knowledge of business and finance, and you know people who would benefit from my ability to create exciting presentations. If you do, you can earn referral fees of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Just have people you know contact me. Tell them to say that you referred them.

If people you refer to me hire me as a consultant, then, for the first year that I work for each of your referrals, every time I invoice them, as soon as their payment clears, I will pay you 10% of that invoice's consulting fees.

You’ll be doing what contracting agencies do: matching a creative person to an employer and taking a cut. You get paid for your network of contacts and for your ability to put us together.

From one conversation that you have with one of your contacts, you easily could earn referral fees of hundreds of dollars.

If one of your referrals turns into a full-time engagement, over the course of a year, you could earn referral fees of thousands of dollars— all from whom you know and their trust in your judgement.

If you can generate new referrals year after year, you could pay off your or your children's student loans sooner than you thought.

Think about the people you know— colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends, former classmates, relatives, people you've dated (the nice ones). Identify the ones who work for firms that could benefit from clear, eloquent, action oriented speeches, pitch books, web copy, presentations or brochures.

Give them a ring.

Take them on a tour of this website. Explain how my writing can create value, make transactions happen and energize audiences.

Ask your contacts to hire me to write for them and say you referred them.

In a few weeks, you could be deciding what to do with lots of extra cash from a single conversation.

To let me know whom you're thinking about referring to me, send me an email at

Or give me a call at
+1 917 817‑8659.

I'll tell you which of my skills are likely to be of most value to the person or people that you have in mind.

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