Jerry Marlow, MBA— Editor and writing coach

Would you like your writing to be clearer, more persuasive, more powerful, more effective, easier to read and more interesting to hear?

Would you like to gain the effectiveness and confidence that come with superior writing skills?

The easiest way to learn powerful writing techniques is to have a writer whose writing you like edit material you have written and, at the same time, coach you how to write more effectively.

If you like my writing, then let me edit your writing. Let me coach you how to write more effectively.

I can edit clarity, specificity and energy into your writing. I can replace dull language with exciting language. I can structure your writing for maximum effect.

When you see your writing before and after it is edited, you quickly learn how to edit it yourself.

If the first language of the people in your audience is not English, I can show you how to make your writing easy for them to comprehend.

If your first language is not English, I can help you make sure that errors in your writing do not distract your audience from the value of your message.

I will be happy to work with you on any type of writing— speeches, pitch books, presentations, email, letters, white papers, brochures, academic journal articles or books.

I have edited the writing of senior executives, hedge fund managers, college professors, graduate students, PhD candidates and people whose first language is not English. I have coached executives how to write in a way that inspires the people they lead.

To improve your writing, I can work with you via phone and email. If you are in New York or nearby, I can work with you in person.

Working together will make what you have written more effective. It will make you a better writer.

To get started, email a draft of what you're working on to:

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Jerry Marlow, MBA— Editor and writing coach

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