Jerry Marlow, MBA— Organizational development speeches and presentations

Speeches I write for you and presentations I create for you can help you enlighten, refocus and energize the people you lead.

My work can help you inspire your employees to embark on new strategic directions.

To gain the information I need to create powerful speeches and persuasive presentations specific to your organization and to your strategy, I can interview you and

other visionaries and thought leaders in your company.

I can interview



your sales people about clients’ needs, concerns and decision criteria.

I can interview your technologists, product managers and operations personnel about your company’s technological capabilities and how your capabilities integrate with your clients’ technology and work flows.

I can synthesize what your experts tell me.

I can



engineer your goals against your employees’ abilities and your customers' expectations.



I can write a speech or create a presentation— or do both— that shows how events in the marketplace create opportunities for your company. I can show how your company’s resources and capabilities intercept those opportunities.

I can help you



open cognitive and action channels that will enable your employees to realize new opportunities.

In my work, I recognize that the people you want to reach have a complex richness of aptitudes, emotions, possibilities, foibles, fears and ambitions. I write and design accordingly.

Speeches I write and presentations I create take advantage of the power of



original humor.

When you, as a speaker, describe with sufficient insight the challenges and difficulties your audience faces, you can bring the house down in a roar of laughter.

More importantly, when you present your insights with humor, you release the fear, anxiety and emotional strain that keep people from embracing challenges and taking action.

A laughing employee delivers a lot more energy than a complaining employee.



Whatever your organizational development goals, chances are I can help you meet them.

I can help you energize your workforce and lead them to take action— actions that are in their best interest and in yours.

I can help you raise performance standards at your company.

I can help you gain recognition as a charismatic leader and as a strategic thinker.

I can help you compress the sales cycle for your company's products and services.

If you want to lead your company in new strategic directions; if you want your employees to



move in ways they've never moved before, let me write for you.

Let me interview you and your company’s other thought leaders.

Let me create presentations that integrate your and your colleagues' best thinking— presentations with which you can inspire the people you lead to accomplish things they never thought themselves capable of.

Let's not just develop your organization: let's transform it.

Let's transform it into the organization you've always dreamed of leading.

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