Don’t be thought an idiot. Avoid the career‑ending embarrassment of typos, grammatical errors and erroneous word choices.

If you and your colleagues have been working on a document through multiple rounds of revisions, it’s easy for everyone to grow numb to grammatical mistakes, typos and poor word choices.

If you’re trying to get a long document out in a hurry, you may not have time to examine it rigorously for errors.

If English is not your first language, you may not be sure when to include “the” and when to leave it out. You may mix up words like exuberant and exorbitant which sound similar but have very different meanings.

Mistakes in important documents can make your readers— whether they be colleagues, superiors, investors or clients— unfairly doubt your intelligence, education, attention to detail and competence.

You need not suffer these career‑damaging, deal‑eroding embarrassments.

If you’re ready to circulate a document that’s important to your company or to your career, let me proofread it before you send it out.

I examine documents in minute detail to spot the smallest errors— from a comma that should be a semicolon to subject‑verb disagreement to misuse of the nominative and objective cases. (If you’re not sure what those errors are, then that’s all the more reason to let me review and discretely discreetly fix your writing.)

If you’re in Europe or Asia, you can email the document to me at the end of your workday and have corrections and suggestions waiting for you the next morning.

To keep your career from running aground and your reputation from capsizing, email that document that's making your brain go numb to:

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Jerry Marlow, MBA— Proofreader

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