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If you would like to become a confident, charismatic and inspiring speaker— if you would like to enjoy public speaking— let me teach you techniques and approaches that can transform your speaking ability.

I can help you gain a powerful understanding of the physics and physicality of speaking.

I can teach you exercises that will give your voice greater power, warmth and resonance.

I can show you rehearsal techniques that will add drama and excitement to your every performance.

For five years, I studied voice and vocal production with Carl Stough— the same vocal coach with whom many Metropolitan Opera singers, Broadway actors and other celebrity performers studied.

With the same techniques that professional performers use, you can become a charismatic speaker.

You can enjoy public speaking.

Let’s give it a try!

The only thing you have to lose is your squeakiness, nasality and sense of terror.

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Jerry Marlow, MBA— Public speaking coach

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