Jerry Marlow, MBA— Persuasive writing for commercial real estate developers

To realize your vision for a property, you may need to persuade investors and lenders that your vision and your capabilities will transform the property into a high return cash flow.

To help you enlist investors and lenders in your vision, I can create for you pitch books and presentations that

address the questions that these professionals have on their minds:

What is your vision?

What is the highest, best use of the property you wish to develop?

What are the strengths of your property’s location?

What are the dynamics of the neighborhood in which your property is located?

In your property’s location, what is the demand for its highest, best use?

Why will your property be a great place for your commercial tenants to generate revenues?

If your property will have residential tenants, what are the lures and attractions in the neighborhood for them?

What are the transportation and other infrastructure capacities of the neighborhood?

What are the rents and occupancy levels of nearby competing properties?

What tenants have you lined up for your property?

What intangibles and special characteristics add value to your property?

What are your project’s financing requirements?

What cash flow is the highest, best use of your property likely to generate over the investment timeframe?

What capabilities do you have to execute your vision? What is your track record?

The pitch books or presentations I create for you will address these questions quickly, smoothly and efficiently. The pace of the presentation will allow investors and lenders to understand your project at the right depth to reach favorable decisions.

To realize your vision, you may need the support of

community groups.

To help you win their support, I can create presentations that show how your development will benefit the community.

If you wish, I can show the flexibility you have to create amenities that satisfy community needs. I can help you engage with community groups in ways that convert irrational objections and complaints into rational solutions.

To see how I combine words, images, numbers and graphs to win the support of specific target audiences, download the pitch book I created to persuade the Walt Disney Company to establish a hotel in the historic New York Times building— a building

initially constructed in the first few years of the twentieth century.

If you want investors, lenders and community groups to help you make your real estate vision a reality, let me create for you pitch books and presentations that will enlist your target audiences

in your vision.

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Download Disney Hotel pitch book.

Jerry Marlow, MBA— Persuasive writing for commercial real estate developers

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