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If the hedge fund you manage has been around for a while and has been delivering great returns, then— simply on the basis of your track record— people will be lining up to invest with you.

If, on the other hand, your fund is at an earlier stage in its evolution, investors will want to understand your strategy at least conceptually. They will want to gain confidence that you have the ability to execute your  strategy.

Successful hedge‑fund strategies can be based on many different abilities— an ability to identify under‑ or over‑valued assets; an ability to exploit price‑divergence and convergence patterns among different assets; a quantitative ability
to exploit pricing trends, mean reversions or trading patterns; an ability to use options to buy undervalued portions of implied‑forecast probability distributions and sell overvalued portions of those same probability distributions; an ability to arbitrage among different instruments written on the same underlying; or some other ability that you have developed out of your knowledge of and insights into how the world works.

Unless yours is a purely quantitative strategy, most likely it takes into account how today’s prices embody today’s expectations, how you think those expectations are in error, and how you see cause and effect relationships and— thereby— expectations and asset prices evolving in the future.

Most likely, yours is an exciting story. You see relationships and opportunities that others do not.

If you tell it well, your story will get investors excited about you, about your strategy and about your ability to execute your strategy.

I can help you tell your story exceptionally well.

I know what language

gets people excited. I know what language puts people to sleep.

I know how to combine words, images and numbers for maximum effect.

I have a good grasp of many of the concepts that come into play in many hedge-fund strategies.

I am well versed in many types of derivatives. I wrote a book that explains Black‑Scholes options‑pricing theory in a way that just about anyone can understand.

I fully understand that the value of any asset is the probability‑weighted present value of its possible future price paths or payoffs.

I created a pitch book for a hedge fund that used an options‑trading strategy to buy under‑valued portions of implied stock‑forecast probability distributions and sell over‑valued portions.

I created a pitch book for a quantitative strategy that exploits divergences and convergences of stock prices with ETF prices.

For a fund of funds, in the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, I  wrote a letter to investors that shifted their attention away from the difficulties of the past and toward the opportunities of the future.

I was Director of Communications for a hedge fund that sought to buy from HUD, at a steep discount, $35 billion of FHA‑insured mortgages in default; give homeowners

principal reductions that would get their mortgages above water and motivate them to resume payment.

Chances are, I can interview you and your team and create a pitch book or presentation that presents your firm’s best thinking in a clear, powerful and persuasive way. I can make your pitches to investors crisp, enjoyable and productive.

Let me help you

get investors excited about you, about your firm, about your strategy and about your ability to execute.

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Jerry Marlow, MBA— Powerful and persuasive writing for hedge funds

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