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Everybody wants to manage the money of high‑net‑worth and ultra‑high‑net‑worth families and individuals.

How can you connect with people who could benefit from your capabilities when so many of your competitors are trying to accomplish the same goal?

To help wealth‑management firms and RIAs win new clients, I write in a way that

strongly empathizes with your potential clients— with their lifestyles, their goals, their concerns and their hesitancy to entrust their wealth to an adviser whom they do not know.

An empathetic approach to writing allows you to stimulate people’s thoughts and feelings about their wealth, how best to preserve and grow their wealth and what they wish to accomplish with their wealth.

As I bring these thoughts and feelings fully to people’s minds, I create a mental landscape for thinking about

the establishment of trusts, estate planning and wealth management.

My writing can introduce you, your thinking, your analysis and your investment strategies into this landscape.

My writing can integrate you into the lives and lifestyles of high‑net‑worth and ultra‑high‑net‑worth individuals and families.

My writing will convey your integrity, your savvy and your sophistication.

For people to trust your investment strategy, it helps if they find it believable. To find it believable, it helps if they can understand it.

Chances are, I can explain your investment strategy in a way that

people will connect with and find believable.

I have written about many different investment strategies— from the benefits of global diversification to sophisticated strategies that hedge funds use— quant strategies, divergence-convergence strategies, special purpose investment vehicles and derivatives‑driven strategies.

I write about strategies in a way that allows investors to understand the upsides and the downsides.

If you would like your marketing communications

to integrate you and your firm into prospects’ thinking, goals and concerns, talk to me about writing for you.

Between what you know and what I know, we can craft messages that make you part of the lives of more and more high‑net‑worth and ultra‑high‑net‑worth individuals and families.

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