Strengthen your reputation in the global market for luxury residential properties. Be a visionary.
Jerry Marlow, MBA

If you are a real estate broker and you want to be a stronger player in the global market for luxury residential properties, my ideas, research skills, writing ability and presentation skills can help you achieve that goal.

My writing can help you gain a reputation for market knowledge, insights and savvy.

If you are willing to be videotaped interviewing market luminaries, if you are willing to give speeches at industry conferences, my work can help you gain a reputation as a visionary among developers, buyers and sellers of  luxury residential properties.

If you lead a team of real estate agents, I can rewrite your and your team members' profiles so that visitors to your website instantly feel that they are

part of the action that you and your team make happen.

My writing can make visitors to your site want to interact with members of your team. My writing can induce sellers, buyers, investors, developers and architects who visit your site to say to themselves, “I want these people to sell for me—
to buy for me—
to invest for me—
to tell me what buyers want—
to collaborate with me!”

To elicit these responses, we can evoke how you and your team members

brand properties, how you match properties to the buyers for whom the properties will have the most value, how you create extra value from intangibles and how you achieve closing.

The writing can make clear to site visitors the monetary premium that your creativity can produce.

Not only will my writing inspire sellers, buyers, developers and investors to do more business with you, it also will help you

inspire, energize and build the self‑confidence of your brokers and other team members.

When complex economic or political developments affect the supply of or demand for luxury residential properties, I can translate those developments into simple language that your brokers can use confidently in conversations with their clients.

If you would like for buyers, sellers, developers, investors and architects to see you not only as smart, imaginative and charming; but also as a visionary of trends, possibilities and opportunities in the design, development and presentation of prime residential properties, my writing and ideas can help you gain that recognition.



We make you a visionary.

To make you into a visionary, we can

get you into conversations with leading thinkers and players in the design, development, engineering and financing of luxury residential properties.

We can videotape the conversations and feature them on your website.

We may be able to get you into conversations with leading thinkers on wealth effects and how having enough wealth

changes a buyer’s conception of the purposes of a residence.

We may be able to get you into conversations with visionary thinkers about how the digital revolution is changing everything.

To help induce these luminaries to engage with you, I can do the background research necessary to make credible pitches to them.

For luminaries who agree to have you interview them, I can brief you on their accomplishments. I can develop questions for you to ask. During interviews, I can even sit at the keyboard of your teleprompter and, as the conversation evolves, suggest additional questions.

From the thinking and insights we gain from you talking to thought leaders, I can 

write speeches and create presentations that make you a spokesperson for the synthesis of your ideas and insights and those of the luminaries you interview.

I can work with your PR person to find venues at which you can give the speeches. Your speeches and videos can induce ultra‑high net worth people to rethink their concept of a residence.

A developers’ convention would be a productive place for you to give a visionary speech.

We can redefine a luxury residential property as not just a comfortable and luxurious place to live and entertain, but also

as a creation that empowers a person to fully realize his or her aspirations and potential—
both personally and professionally.

In short, with my help, you can redefine what a luxury residence is and does.

Through my research, writing and collaboration with you and your team, I can help you become the visionary who redefines luxury residential properties.

If you advise developers on how best to tailor properties to the evolving tastes and demands of the marketplace, I can beef up your pitch to developers— either with the capabilities you and your team have now or in synch with your evolution into a visionary.

I can slot your capabilities into developers’ goals, concerns and decision criteria. I can translate your capabilities into increased return on investment for developers. I can help you persuade developers that you and your team can help them intercept the changing goals and aspirations of people who buy multi‑million dollar residences.

We can let developers understand that how the super wealthy think of a residence is about to change and you understand that change— in fact, you are helping make that change in thinking happen.

Beyond gaining you recognition as a valuable resource for developers, we also can figure out ways for you to become the go‑to guy for hedge funds, venture capitalists and other investors who want to understand how to create properties that will fetch prices based— not on comps— but on the probability‑weighted present value of potential future cash flows. (In stochastic investment models, greater uncertainty about the future often translates into higher probability‑weighted present values.)

If grabbing these opportunities turns you on, let’s talk.

I can write for you the same way I write for “Million Dollar Listing” celebrity brokers.

When a “Million Dollar Listing” broker gave a speech I wrote at a real estate conference, he got a standing ovation.

Let’s make you a visionary and help change how the world thinks about luxury residential properties.

Let’s get you a standing ovation.

More important, let’s turbocharge your real estate machine. Let the power of my writing bring your and your team's performance to new heights.

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